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New Oracle Grow the network by proposing new oracles
with vital information for securing short term loans off chain.

Please make sure you fill out all the requirements before submitting for a new Oracle.
Submit Oracle Submission Form, containing vital information for the DAO to evaluate and process your proposed Oracle. The more detail the quicker it will be to process.
Submit form
The proposal will undergo initial screening within 2 weeks, by the Oracle Committee (OC), which if interested will open a new discord channel to further clarify.
Once the OC is satisfied, a KIP will be submitted for the evaluation of the DAO members. A qualified majority needs to be reached for approval of the new oracle.
Requirements to submit a New Oracle Proposition
  • Have a DAO member sponsor (sign) the Proposal
  • Stake at least 10k KONA
  • Join our Discord

Oracle Submission Form

Please fill out all information to submit your oracle for the DAOs approval.
Please write carefully and fill in the form with your personal information. Once sent, you won't be able to modify them.
Submit Oracle